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But the new Anniversary Update also felt surprisingly stable, more so than Windows 10 AU on the desktop.

As before, your best experience will be had by using the phone in conjunction with a Windows 10 AU PC, ensuring that data moves freely between both platforms. Windows 10 AU for desktops necessitated a re-review of Windows The AU leaves that capability unchanged, but adds something new: the ability to connect the phone wirelessly to the Connect app on a Windows 10 PC. As before, Continuum offers the option of connecting via the wired Display Dock or wirelessly via Miracast—either to a dongle or now to a Miracast-enabled PC. Unfortunately, only certain newer phones like the Lumia work with Continuum, not older phones like the Though the connection process is seamless enough, connecting both devices takes a bit of prep.

Everything feels pretty laggy, though.

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Similar docks are either in the market or en route from companies like HP, as an accessory for its forthcoming Elite x3 Windows smartphone. Plug a wired keyboard or mouse into the 2. Using DVI, your phone will act as a speaker. You can also connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to the phone itself. Note that the Start menu might not look as distorted as it does here. The Continuum app senses nearby wireless displays and helps you set them up. With the Connect app running, your phone projects a PC-like, slightly low-res desktop view onto your display, roughly similar to the look and feel of a Surface Pro 4 in tablet mode.

Top 6 Free Antivirus Apps for Windows Phone

Microsoft goes to a great deal of effort to make your Connect experience feel like using a full-fledged computer. You can set a custom, landscape background for your monitor, and apps align themselves in a PC-like taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the Windows key brings up the Start menu. The touchpad is simply an app, however, so you can slide over to another task if needed.

In Continuum, Windows apps scale to fill your entire display. The Windows 10 approach is much more useful. The image stretches a bit awkardly on a widescreen monitor, but it looks very nice while connected wirelessly to the Surface Book. Note that to minimize or close an app, you need to slide your cursor to the top-right corner—there are no visual cues telling you otherwise.

I was very pleased at how I could sit down, open a Word file, begin taking notes on my experience, then return to my desktop PC and pick up where I left off, because everything is saved in the cloud. I tried out Google Pay and Android Pay ages ago, and the small hitches—does the phone need to be unlocked?

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Do I need a PIN? Microsoft Wallet eliminates that needless waste. Loyalty cards can be stored in Microsoft Wallet.

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  6. When it comes time to pay, tap the phone on the reader. Each has different cameras, speakers, microphones and computing power. Providing consistent experience for our Android and iOS users has been difficult.

    How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10 Preview? Easy Guide

    Also…you know, it is not easy to find engineers who can build Windows phone apps. Would you ever consider getting an Android phone or an iPhone? Welcome to Alfred Center. Screen Shot at 1. Sorry to jump in. Honestly, Windows Phone trumps both iPhone and Android in performance vs.

    Microsoft Wallet: maybe a little too convenient?

    You get a decent running phone with decent specs for much cheaper than a high end Android or an iPhone. The Store and developers like Alfred is what kills WP. So please, guys!

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    I use an old, crappy android to monitor my child, but I have to either have an android or the website to see him. Windows Phone Version Discussion. Sorry by my bad english.