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A snap shot is a temporally limited sample from all signalling between the network elements or processes that are monitored. The problem related to the arrangement described above is that as the signalling load increases, the buffers reserved for snap shots fill up rather quickly, and thus it is probable that the snap shots contain only some of the necessary messages or no necessary messages at all. Even if the signalling load were small, it would not be possible to ensure in any way that the snap shot contains the signalling messages that are to be traced. A further problem is that snap shots are usually rather large in size, and thus it takes a lot of time and effort to separate necessary messages from the unnecessary messages.

An object of the invention is to provide a method and an apparatus implementing the method to eliminate the above-mentioned problems. The objects are achieved with a method according to the invention which comprises transmitting and receiving signalling messages in a functional entity, which is an entity for subscriber mobility management in a mobile communication system, the method being characterized in that said functional entity receives a trace command which indicates the tracer and identifies at least one subscriber whose signalling messages are to be traced, and tracing is started, tracing comprising the following steps:.

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The invention also relates to a system where the method of the invention can be employed. The system of the invention comprises subscribers, at least some of the subscribers being able to roam within the coverage area of the system, one or more network elements which receive and transmit signalling messages to manage subscriber mobility, and operating means for giving instructions to the network element.

The system is characterized in that the operating means are arranged to give a trace command to the network element, the command indicating the tracer and identifying at least one subscriber whose signalling messages are to be traced, and the network element is arranged to copy signalling messages related to the subscriber to be traced in response to the trace command and to send a copy to the tracer.

The invention further relates to a network element which can be utilized in the method of the invention.

The network element of the invention, which receives and transmits signalling messages to manage subscriber mobility, is characterized in that the network element comprises reception means for receiving the trace command which indicates the tracer and identifies at least one subscriber to be traced whose signalling messages are to be traced, separation means for separating the signalling messages of the subscriber to be traced from other signalling messages, copying means for copying the signalling messages of the subscriber to be traced, and transmission means for sending copies to the tracer.

The invention is based on the idea that the network element or process is informed of the subscriber whose messages are to be monitored.

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  • After this the network or process automatically carries out monitoring and copies only messages related to this subscriber and sends copies to the desired address where the tracer is. The most important advantage of the invention is that all desired signalling messages can be obtained regardless of the lapse between the messages or whether the messages are sent during a snap shot; not even a single desired message is missed nor is it necessary to search for messages from a large group of irrelevant messages.

    Furthermore, it is easy to find messages related to one another because they need not be searched from a large group of messages. Usually messages related to one another are successive, and thus it is easy to find them; after all, the messages are sent to the tracer in reception and transmission order.

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    Yet another advantage of the invention is that sending the trace command leads to immediate starting of the tracing. Therefore the fault is discovered as quickly as possible. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the desired type of the message is also indicated, e. This has the advantage that the desired messages can be defined more accurately, which makes it even easier to search for the cause of the fault. In a preferred embodiment of the invention tracing is performed one dialogue at a time.

    In this case it is advantageous that the messages are obtained as a whole, and thus we do not need to guess what the preceding messages contain. In a preferred embodiment of the invention copying of messages is not finished until a specific stop command has been received. This has the advantage that the tracer may finish tracing immediately after it has received sufficiently many messages for finding out the fault. If a certain number of messages were always copied, this could lead to copying of too many or too few messages, depending on the case. Preferred embodiments of the method, system and network element of the invention are disclosed in the appended dependent claims.

    The invention will be described in greater detail by means of preferred embodiments with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which. The present invention is applicable to any mobile communication system which supports mobility, such as the third generation mobile communication systems that are under development, e.

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    In the following the invention is described in greater detail by examples in connection with the GSM system, but the invention is not, however, limited to this particular system. In the figure all functional elements of the GSM system are located in network elements which have the same names. Functional elements may also be integrated, i. In that case a functional element is often called a process. These are the central functional entities in respect of mobility management, controlling and signalling. They are responsible for roaming, for example. This is a characteristic of the mobile communication network which enables correct call routing when the mobile subscriber roams from one network or cell to another.